Hi Mama!

It's a new month and the month we celebrate US on the 27th of March (in the UK that is), the weather is picking up and we are having some sunny days now, I don't know about you, but when the sun is shining it always makes me a little bit happier! 

If you feel the start of this year has been hectic, with everything opening up, your diary's getting full, the juggling act of work, home and personal life is getting a little overwhelming, then please read on, I have 10 time-saving tips for you to help make your life easier!


1. Shop online 

Once you become a regular online shopper you can then save your 'usuals' to make it even quicker to get the food shop done. If you register and pay a small yearly fee many supermarkets will not charge for delivery each time you place an order.

2. Plan system at home

Create an area where you can visually see your meals for the week, a place to write out the children’s classes and activities for the week. A pinboard for birthday invites, important letters, and anything else that may need urgent attention. This way, everyone in your home will know exactly where they need to be, what they will be eating and anything important that needs doing.

3. Bulk buy unisex birthday supplies 

How many times have you forgotten there's a birthday on the weekend and you have no cards or wrapping paper. Especially if you have children in school, there seems to be a birthday every other week at times. I love cards from wondercards. Stock up mama!

4. Layout the family’s breakfast the night before

Mornings can be full of surprises and things can go wrong at any given moment, therefore, having the breakfast laid out the night before, ready in the morning may eliminate the morning rush, this could include bowls and plates, cutlery, cereal, bread, spread, etc. 

5. Schedule your appointments in advance

Anything from quarterly dentist check-ups for the children, optician, doctors, and if you can schedule yours in at the same time, that would save several trips for the family. Make sure you write them down in a safe place or set an alarm on your phone as a reminder. 

6. Group your errands together 

If you know you have a few errands to run, find a place where they can be done in one trip, for example, choose an area like a shopping centre where you know there will be a post office, dry-cleaners, and a place to pick up mid-week groceries.

7. Plan out your meals 

Check the meals you usually make are ones you can freeze, If you don’t have time to prep all your meals in one day, double the amount you make when making dinners and freeze them. Take advantage of the slow cooker, literally dump the ingredients in and get on with your day!

Snacks - Wash and chop fruits, and veggies in advance, this will save you time (and headache).

Free Weekly Meal Planner

8. Set your morning up the night before

If you are a working mama lay your clothes out the night before, have age-appropriate kids lay school uniforms out too, if you have a toddler in nursery have their bag ready and waiting at the door.

9. Keep an essentials bag in the car

Keep nappies, wipes, spare clothes, pyjamas, snacks, and a few toys, you never know when you could get stuck in traffic or end up out for longer than expected, an essentials bag will be your best friend. I also put a few of my essentials in there too if I have double.

10. Schedule your chores

Set a day you are going to do your chores, such as the laundry if for you it is every day, schedule a time - for example after waking up and doing your usual morning routine before going downstairs, take a laundry load with you and get it out the way first thing.

Lastly, be easy on yourself mama! These are tips to help make your life easier, no weeks are the same for all of us and we get thrown many times, a child gets ill, work piles up, events to go to. So use this as a guide and see if you could fit any of these tips into your life.

With love x


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