Hello, mama!


When I had my son nearly 5 years ago now, I was, like most of us overwhelmed, keeping up with appointments, play dates, meal planning, home routines, and of course staying focused at work.

As time has went on, I've learned tips and hacks to make life a little easier! Here are 10 TIPS that may help simplify your and your family’s life 


Ok, this one is, of course, spoken about a lot, we start one week, and then slowly go back to our old ways. Here’s a tip on meal planning


The problem I found with meal prepping was coming up with different meal ideas, keep it simple to start, once you get in the swing of things you can then add a variety of meals.

Start basic, keep it super simple, batch cook meals you know the whole family will all eat. Prep meals for 3 days to start then gradually increase once you get into the swing of things. Write down your meal plans, dump that mental load onto paper, and keep it saved in one place.



Have a Home For Everything

Do you have random bits scattered around your home that doesn’t have a place? Getting overwhelmed and not sure where to start decluttering? 

I always suggest starting SUPER small, by that I mean start with one drawer. Depending on the area you are decluttering I suggest investing in containers and storage baskets, and of course labels. Label everything, that way even the kids and partners will know where everything goes. You can buy a label maker by Dymo, great price and does the job.

You can also save time and frustration by storing items near where they’re used most, giving you quick access. For example, keep the coffee machine near the coffee pods, close by to where you store your mugs

I have a decluttering blog coming up!


Prepare In The Evening

I love time to myself in the evenings, I also like my mornings to run as smooth as possible. That’s why I try and prepare as much as I can the night before, by doing this you will literally be thanking your future self.

For example:

  • Put the dishes away in the evening
  • Plan your day the night before
  • Make lunches in advance
  • Have your workout clothes ready at the door
  • Schedule a washing load
  • Schedule Self-Care

Even doing 2/3 of the above will make you feel so much better the next day. The ones I implement and stick to, are putting the dishes away and planning the night before. I then can relax for the rest of the evening knowing what tomorrows plans are.


Stock up

For those who have children in school, honestly, there seems to be a birthday every week! Our children’s social calendar is as busy as ours!

I stock up on age-appropriate toys, hidden away (no explanation needed). That way it will save you the last-minute rush to find a present. I also stock up on birthday cards, thank you cards, teachers' cards, etc.



Lay your breakfast table out the night before, this one I’ve only just started but it does cut time out, I also make breakfasts during meal prep, so all I need to do is warm it up. Egg muffins are great and healthy. Overnight oats will save you some time and even healthy shakes.

Lay-out Clothes The Night Before

I find this tip helps with the morning rush. Depending on your children’s age, you can get them to do their own, having the school uniform hung and ready to put on saves rummaging through the wardrobes trying to find items. 

For myself, I pick out what I will be wearing and hang it up on my door. It takes away unnecessary decision making in the morning.


Write Everything Out

Speaking of decision making, our minds are full of chatter, which can, throughout the day cause decision fatigue. Writing out and literally, brain dumping everything onto paper will make life easier for you as a mum. Having a checklist is a great way to write down random things that need to get done, and add to throughout the month. (And then enjoy the tick satisfaction once it’s done!)

Write everything in one place, birthdays, events, important dates, lists, meals, goals, etc. that way you have a place to reference back to on the days you wake up and think ‘what was it I was meant to do today?’ , ‘What club is my child at today?, ‘What are we having for dinner tonight?’ And so on.



For the mama’s who have newborns or are at a stage where their children aren’t sleeping properly just yet, skip this one. We had 16 months before we got a full night's sleep, and even today some days go off track. 

I never realised how important having a substantial night's sleep. First of all, we heal, digest our food and recover better with a good night's sleep. But I realised I’m a MUCH better mother when I’m well-rested.



Depending on your budget, if you feel overwhelmed by keeping up with work, home, kids, cooking, etc. why not outsource certain tasks, such as a cleaner, gardener, or someone to help out with the ironing


Do Something For Yourself

Yes, those who have followed me on Instagram will know how much I am huge on well-being. Yes, I love routines, I love planning and I love staying organised and I’m sure you do too because you’re still reading. However, we need to put our foot on the break sometimes and close our eyes to mum life and focus on us, what makes us happy. Make time to do something for yourself, whatever that may be, for some it's a long bath or reading a few pages of a book. For others, it may be going to the gym or going on a hike. Whatever it may be, take care of yourself





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