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Do you have certain weeks in the month that are simply CHAOTIC? birthdays, play dates, work conferences, important appointments? And somehow they just pile up in one week. I had this last week, launching my Mother’s day giveaway, 3 birthday parties, an important meeting with a company I’m trying to work with and a child who just needed his mama!

And so, it all goes back to my reasons for WHY I created a planner for us mothers. It honestly saves my life! My brain literally cannot hold all the dates, times, classes, meetings, birthdays in one place. 

If you don’t use a planner mama, let me tell you, you are adding to the mental load we as mothers really don’t need.

Here are 6 reasons why a planner can help make mum life easier 

1. Organise Your time

Yes, mama! Our time is precious, each hour whether you’re in the baby stage with feeding times, nap times, and wake windows, or children in school with all the after school clubs, weekend classes, and not to mention your precious time, from scheduling your work in, to yes, self-care, is best dumped onto paper, taken out of your head and in a place you can visually see. 



2. Take control back

How many times have you committed to something you didn’t want to do? And then the day comes and you have to drag yourself there?  Using a planner will help you plan what is important and what isn’t, giving in to last-minute commitments and pressurising yourself to show up all the time is draining in itself, so take control over your week’s mama and prioritise what is important to you.


3. Keep all your ideas in one place


How many times have you had a brilliant place to take the kids or that new business idea? what about the time when you scheduled that optician’s appointment to then get a call at the time of your appointment asking if you’re coming? 

Yes mama, we’ve all been there, that’s why planners are perfect to drop all your play ideas, favourite recipes, important appointments and more in one place! See it as the ultimate best mama friend!


4. Track your goals

Want to start drinking more water, or track your fitness goals? Maybe you want to keep up with your self-care and need a place to write down exactly when and what you will be doing to incorporate these new healthy habits into your life. 

Writing down your goals not only cements them into your brain, but it also holds you accountable, you can track your progress, see how far you have come, and of course, ticking it off your list is so satisfying.


5. Reduce your stress

Stress is inevitable as busy mothers, we have a lot going on, and at times we are completely thrown, sleep-deprived, trying to juggle it all, yes the list is endless, so why add more to the stress? Planning and putting pen to paper can reduce the unnecessary stresses, remembering to buy that birthday present, or book that after school class, make that bill payment are all avoidable stresses, write them down mama and let it go until it needs addressing. 


6. Streamline your home



Mum brain is real! It’s hard enough keeping up with our schedule let alone our children and partner. Retaining all that info is intense. That’s why keeping note of what the whole family’s week looks like will eliminate confusion on who is meant to be where, who is out for dinner, what the weekend plans are for everyone etc. 


There you have it, mama! A planner can save you time, a frazzled brain and a little more breathing space!


I hope you enjoyed this blog! If you have any more benefits why planning helps mama’s, do comment below!


With Love,





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