5 Action Steps To Help You Along Your Fertility Journey

5 Action Steps To Help You Along Your Fertility Journey

Manifestation is a powerful tool that can help bring success in any area of your life. While every person’s journey to pregnancy/trying to conceive is unique, I thought I'd share what I did, I researched so much combining traditional methods, with slightly unconventional ones. So there may be something on this list that will help you along your journey! 

Disclaimer: Please take this with a pinch of salt, if you are having any health concerns in your fertility journey, please consult with your doctor. 

1. Letting go of limiting beliefs

Ok this one is a big one, hence I put it at the top, personally and maybe for you, there needs to be a shift in your belief system. What are those niggely thoughts that keep popping in your mind that you're trying to wish away? What is keeping you in your comfort zone?

For me there were a few:

- My age

- The age gap that there will be if I were to fall pregnant between baby and my son

- Fear of the unknown

- Is my body ok?

These were to name a few, so what can you do on letting those limiting beliefs go? Literally, change the narrative, speak to/seek others who were on a similar journey to yours and confide in those who have overcome your own personal fears. It's also good to note, the journey of trying to conceive comes with a heap of emotions, which at times can sound irrational to others but not to one's self, try challenging those thoughts. Ask yourself, what the supporting facts are, is there clear evidence counteracting your belief? Is it helping or hindering your end goal?

2. Visit your OBGYN

On a more practical side, and if any of your worries are your health, it's always worth getting a full MOT check-up. Get those blood tests done, scans, etc. to make sure all is ok, and if not, what are the next steps (because there are many) that you can take, and don't forget to get your partner checked too!

3. Prioritise your health

This one, just like the above is a given, so I won't go too heavy into it, but the usual taking the correct supplements, and eating the correct food is always beneficial, However, I felt I needed to understand my body that little bit more because it was taking me much longer than expected to fall pregnant, even after getting all the tests done, things didn't seem to make a difference. That is when I found out about Jodie! She is a female health coach, focusing on periods, hormones and fertility. I decided to take on her course related to all things Female Health, which really made me understand my personal body, and what changes I need to make, rather than finding random YouTube videos, this course helped me understand exactly what changes I need to make. You can find her website here.

3. Acupuncture is your friend

Ok, I have always been a huge believer in acupuncture, It helped get rid of my urine infections when I was younger. I decided to give it a go again to help me along my fertility journey. I found this article helpful, if you are interested in understanding what is actually involved and the benefits:


4. Manifestation is your best friend!

As I mentioned at the beginning of this blog, every person’s journey to pregnancy/trying to conceive is unique, manifesting has been a huge part of my life since 2013, so I now feel brave enough to actually speak about it a decade later!

I strongly suggest being open to the possibility of change and embracing it. Setting clear intentions on your goal is the best thing you can do to start, writing affirmations that relate personally to you (follow me on Instagram to see the ones I used) will cement those positive thoughts. Write them out, put them somewhere visible for you to read every day.

Bringing your goal to reality, visualisation is a powerful tool, but for some people (like myself) prompts are always handy, which is why creating a vision board focusing on your specific goal will help you 'feel' it into existence. These days you really don't need to have magazine cutouts and big boards around your home, you can use CANVA to help you add quotes and pictures that are suited to your fertility journey. Remember to keep it super personal, not generic, otherwise, it won't feel real to YOU. I kept mine on my laptop, iMac, and Phone screensaver!

Take action steps that will help you reach your goal. These have been outlined in the first few points of the blog. It's all well and good having vision boards, writing affirmations etc. but you still need action steps to bring your goal to fruition. Write them out so you don't forget them.

Manifestation is pretty personal, and everyone uses their own tools and techniques that work for them, here are some of the things that helped me feel accountable. I surrounded myself with like-minded people, such as:

• I follow Francesa Amber on Instagram and am a huge fan of her podcast, (Law of attraction changed my life). If you are a newbie to LOA, I highly suggest scrolling back on her episodes.

• Crystal work really helped me feel connected to myself and my body - I came across Canny Crystal for inspiration, and also did my own research on crystals and how to look after them (I will do a blog on this soon), I use various ones which I cleanse and charge in certain times of the month.

5. Letting go of the outcome

After doing all or some of the above, it's time to let it go, and let the universe (God, higher power, Angels) do its thing. I can hear you saying 'But it's not as easy as that', and you're absolutely right, it isn't, but just think, what good will it benefit your mental health and your body stressing about the outcome? If your actions are aligned and you have made the relevant steps you need to, then it truly is time to let go. All will be well in the end, and you will understand your WHY in time.

And finally, practice gratitude and be thankful for what you do have and what you want to manifest. Holding gratitude is spoken about a lot, but there's a good reason for it, it holds so much power. The more you are grateful for what you have, the more the universe will bring to you. Simple yet effective formula!

I wish you so much health, love and joy, I'm very active on Instagram so do make sure to follow me there, my DM's are always open for you.

If you are reading this and have already conceived - a huge congratulations! I have a free Hospital Bag Checklist for you to download here!





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