6 Kids Party Planning Tips

6 Kids Party Planning Tips

Hello mama!


Planning any party can become stressful if not planned well, let alone a kid’s party!

Being out of the game for the last 2 years, I forgot how much is involved in planning a kid’s party. To be fair it’s my first one but I come from an event management background so thought this would be a breeze. 

Boy was I wrong, with so many parties happening these days making up for lost time, I thought I’d write a blog with my tips on executing a kid’s party to make your life easier.


I am currently planning Ariyan’s party, I’m using the daily planning page to plan out the day but I need to plan much more than just the day!

So here are my tips for planning your children’s birthdays!

1. Date & Time of the party

I’ve recently been to a few after school parties on a Friday which has freed up our weekends, either way, choose whether you want it after school, on a Saturday, or Sunday taking into consideration early wake-ups on Monday morning.

How long do you want the party to be? Ideally, 2 hours is more than enough, taking into consideration babies and nap times.

2. Venue

Book your venue in advance, when choosing your venue take into consideration

  • Ease of parking
  • Space for entertainers and guests
  • Section to serve food
  • Space for buggies
  • Set up time (check with venue how early you can arrive)
  • Music

3. Party Deco

I would advise keeping this simple, usually, a balloon garland, backdrop and cake table deco should do the job! 

Party bags!

Ahh those small random bits in party bags can be a nightmare, I found some lovely useful party bag ideas here

Party Planning Tips, Kids Birthday Party

4. Food

Check if the venue does in house catering, otherwise search in the local area for delivery pizza places etc. Check-in with allergies, and those who are veggie!

Consider if you will be catering for adults too.

If providing bite-size snacks for kids, it would be easier to buy prepped food like carrot sticks, cherry tomatoes, hummus etc. 


Find someone in advance, they seem to get booked up super quick. Arrange a pick-up time too. 

5. Guest List

Send invites out 5-6 weeks in advance, keep track of who is attending and ask if any children have allergies and if any siblings will be attending too. Don’t forget to add an RSVP date.

Many birthday invites are sent via WhatsApp, Etsy do wonderful themed E-invites!


6. On the day

  • You will need help, make sure you rope your family/friends/parents in to help serve the food, drinks etc. 
  • Have a space for coats and buggies 
  • Make sure food isn’t served too late, located time in-between, entertainment, food, entertainment, nothing worse than hungry kids running around
  • Keep snacks visible for those who are super hungry and need to eat before food is served 

Here’s a list of things you may need to pack

  • Knife for cake cutting
  • Kids and adults plates, napkins, cutlery, drink cups
  • Cake takeaway boxes
  • Scissors and tape 
  • Bin bags 
  • Party bags 
  • Box or bag to put birthday gifts in


 I hope you found this blog useful, to help you further I have added a Kids Party Planner Bundle for you to print off and get planning!


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