Back to school tips for mums


Hello, mama!

Here in the UK, we are (for now) out of lockdown, most restrictions have been lifted, schools from September will be fully open!

With this, I’m sure many parents and children will be feeling mixed emotions. The last 18 months have been turbulent for many of us, getting back to some sort of normality is great. Implementing systems in advance will help ease the return to school transition. 



During the summer holidays in most families, sleep routines tend to become ‘flexible’, coupled with the pandemic, a lot has been thrown out the window. This is why starting to implement a back-to-school sleep routine 2 weeks in advance, will allow you to iron out any problems early and for your children to adjust too


Now more than ever our children’s mental health needs attention, speak to them about how they are feeling about going back to school. IF they have any worries or concerns if they have any questions about the virus? What will the school setup be like? How are they feeling about transitioning from homeschooling to back to a classroom setup. And of course, if you see any red flags do consult with your GP. 


A lot of extra circular activities and clubs were closed for quite some time. Set aside time to plan out your children’s activities, after-school club timings, any fees that need to be paid. This will keep on track of any existing activities they have and avoid over-scheduling.



Go through each child's wardrobe and declutter old clothes, shoes, school supplies that are no longer needed, and refresh their desk space. If you are fortunate to have space leftover dedicated an area for all school clothing and accessories. 

Have age-appropriate children lay their uniforms out the night before each school day.



Some items you may need to buy in advance:


  • Stationery
  • Backpack
  • Water bottle
  • Medication 
  • School uniform (inc. Sports Kit)
  • School shoes
  • Trainers
  • Sports equipment 
  • Named labels 
  • Homework books
  • Technology


Dedicate an area in your home to store their bags and shoes when they return home 


Those couple of hours after school can, at times be testing, if your children have homework, I suggest using a children’s wall planner so they know what they are doing each day. Remind the children of screen time in advance of starting school, write out a list together (age-appropriate) of fun engaging games, and activities they will enjoy after school. 


If your children are taking food from home, plan out lunches in advance, note them down to refer back to on the days you can’t think of what to make. You can segment your list into sandwich fillers, fruits, vegetables, dairy, afternoon snacks.

Have age-appropriate children unpack their school bags and put lunch boxes, water bottles, etc. away once home.

Bulk buy whatever you can in advance, dry snacks, nuts, bars, etc. Use a go-to shopping list, once you notice items running low add it on, saving you time at the end of the week to write out a long list. 



And of course, mama, scheduling time for yourself every day is so important, make time to do something that you enjoy, whatever that may be. 

A little bit of planning and implementing routines can help prepare both you and your children to get back into the school routine after a crazy 18 months we have had. Our children want us to show up, be present and embrace the chaos parenting can bring. Making time for self-care is never selfish, quite the opposite, you are looking after yourself, so you can look after them

 With Love x


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