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Hello mama!


6 weeks plus with the kids at home, a week before, and you're panicking about where to go, or what you're going to do. Below I have 5 tips to help you.

Write A List


We always have these bright ideas to the lead up to the summer, the kids telling us what they want to do, we have these lovely plans, and then it all slips away, we forget, or are distracted at the time. 

I suggest, take some time out to make a list of all the different activities and days out you wish to do. You could break it down to indoor activities, outdoor, baking, places to visit etc. (Our Planners have a separate section to plan out the Summer Holidays and a Summer Holiday Bucket List!)



Being Bored Is Okay

The summer holidays are the longest in the year and let’s be honest, we can’t schedule something for each day. Sometimes having unplanned days, and going with the flow can get the kids' creative juices flowing, finding things to do at home or in the garden will allow them the opportunity to unwind in their way and you will get a little break too!


Food Shop

Meal planning is completely different when you have school kids at home. Add the extras to the food shop:

• Snacks, fruit, sandwich fillers, staple foods that are quick and easy to make.

 Tip: During the holidays I keep a basket full of snacks (healthy and some not so healthy) so my son can just reach out as and when, saving me the headache of hearing ‘I’m hungry’ every 5 minutes! (We do limit how many snacks per sitting!)


Stock up

This one may come in handy on rainy days or boredom days. Stock up on arts and crafts supplies, baking ingredients, puzzles, activity books, etc. saving you the hassle of rushing out last minute.


Schedule Self-Care

Yes, I do go on about it, but it’s because I see the value and importance in it for our mental health. Summer holidays are full-on and can take a toll on us. Make time to schedule self-care, even if it is 10 minutes out of your day. Do what makes you happy, whether it's phoning a friend, running a bath, having a cup of coffee in peace, whatever it may be, however small it may be, if it makes you happy, then do it.


And remember….

Your children will remember the memories you created together, not how much you spent or what fancy places you visited. So let's put the pressure aside and enjoy this summer! Because last year wasn’t quite up to scratch!


You got this mama!


With Love x



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