Children's Affirmation Cards Bundle

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Introduce your little ones (0-4 years) to the beautiful world of positivity with our Affirmation Card Bundles, perfect for nighttime and mindfulness practices.

Our Night Time & Mindful Affirmation Cards (Set of 10 each) are expertly curated to:

* Ease worries that keep them awake

* Encourage calm and tranquil thoughts

* Foster positive self-talk habits

* Facilitate meaningful conversations regarding emotions

Each card becomes a reassuring mantra; when challenges arise, watch as your child navigates their emotions using these affirmations. The secret lies in the repetition – the more they say it aloud, the more it becomes part of their belief system.

What's in the each box?

* 10 A6-sized Affirmation Cards in each box, featuring exclusive designs and soothing words to comfort your precious little ones before bed.

* Two handy paperclips to keep tabs on their most frequently used affirmations.

* High-quality, glossy cards, printed on robust 350 gsm cardstock, offering durability and a premium feel.

* An attractively boxed set, creating an ideal, ready-to-gift package.

Bring the power of positive thinking to your child’s bedside with our Affirmation Card Bundles. A tool for serenity, these cards offer the perfect end to their day.