Night-Time Mindful Cards For Children

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Nighttime is when we tend to gather our thoughts and think about the day we had. It's also a time where parents can get the most information out of children as they are starting to fall into the theta stage, which is the deeply relaxed state of mind. These cards help encourage healthy conversations before bed. During the last year, the pandemic has taken its toll on many children’s mental health. Struggling to sleep because of anxiety and worry. No matter what age of your child they all have their worries and they all matter.

These cards are designed to wind down before bed. Accepting what the day brought and what tomorrow may bring. Calming the mind with encouraging positive thoughts before they fall asleep.


  • Help to relieve worries before bed
  • Calming thoughts before bed
  • Positive self-talk
  • Conversation starter when talking about their feelings 

How Children Can Use Affirmation Cards:

  • Once the affirmation is learned, use it at times your child’s belief is challenged 
  • Repetition is key, the more it's spoken, the more it's embedded


  • 10 X size A6 beautifully designed Affirmation Cards created for children
  • 2 x paper clips
  • Comforting words before bed
  • High-quality glossy cards on thick 350 gsm card
  • Beautifully boxed for a gift