Essential Baby Shopping Guide: Every New Mum's Checklist

Essential Baby Shopping Guide: Every New Mum's Checklist

Hi there, beautiful mama-to-be!

If you've been keeping up with my journey on Instagram, you'll be thrilled to know that our little tribe has now expanded to a family of five(including our pug Bella), Our home was blessed with the arrival of a gorgeous baby girl on the full moon of April 6th!

As a mum now of two, I've evolved in my approach towards motherhood essentials; vowing to skip out on gimmicky items that hardly serve a purpose. Instead, my focus has shifted towards investing in only the absolute essentials for my little one. Trust me, no fluff, just stuff that counts!

I penned down this blog to share my insights and hopefully, ease your journey into motherhood. Whether you're a first-timer, cautiously finding your footing, or a seasoned pro looking to further streamline your mum life - I'm confident this list can serve as your safe haven, taking the guesswork out of what truly matters.

Let's check the necessary shopping items off your list together! As a new mum, the amount of baby essentials might seem overwhelming. Fear not! Here is an all-inclusive guide designed to help simplify the process. Let's delve into the essentials every mum needs when preparing to welcome a little bundle of joy.

Please note, I have titled this 'essentials' but we are all different, our homes are set up differently, as well as our lifestyles, so please take what you need from this list.


1. Changing Essentials

  • Nappies: Stock up on nappies of the appropriate size for your newborn.
  • Wipes: Make sure to have gentle and hypoallergenic wipes for sensitive baby skin.
  • Nappy Sacks: Helps eliminate bad odour.  
  • Nappy rash cream: A good quality nappy rash cream can help prevent and soothe those rashes.
  • Changing pad: A comfortable and easy-to-clean changing pad will make nappy changes a little less messy.
  • Changing bag: Invest in a spacious and organised changing bag to carry all the essentials while on the go. I finally found a lovely company that sells stylish yet practical changing bags at


2. Sleeping

  • Cot or bassinet: Provide a safe and cosy sleeping space for your baby.
  • Swaddle blankets: Swaddling can help your newborn feel secure and sleep better. (2-3)
  • Sleep sack: As your baby grows, a sleep sack with a zipper or Velcro can be a safe alternative to blankets. (2-3)
  • White noise machine: Create a soothing environment with sounds that mimic the womb to help your baby sleep. Here's the link to the one we use.
  • Baby monitor: A reliable baby monitor with video and audio features will give you peace of mind while your baby sleeps.


3. Baby Clothes

  • Onesies/bodysuits: Opt for practical zipped ones, making night changes easier (8-10)
  • Hats and mittens: Keep your newborn's head and hands warm and protected (2)
  • Socks or booties: Keep those tiny feet snug and warm (4-6 pairs)
  • Seasonal clothing: Prepare for different weather conditions (e.g., Jackets for winter, sun hats for summer).


4. Feeding Supplies

  • Bottles and teats: Whether you choose to breastfeed or bottle-feed, having a few bottles and teats on hand can be helpful.
  • Breast pump (if applicable): A reliable breast pump can be immensely helpful for breastfeeding mums, I loved using an electric one by Fraupow.
  • Nursing pads: These absorbent pads can help prevent leaks and keep you comfortable between feedings.
  • Milk storage bags: If you plan on pumping and storing breast milk, these bags will come in handy.
  • Bottle brush and steriliser: Keep your feeding supplies clean and sanitised with a bottle brush and steriliser. This one I bought was great as the material prevents germs from gathering. Bottle Brush.
  • Muslins/bibs: Have a good supply of absorbent cloths or bibs to handle spit-ups and drools.


5. Bathing

  • Baby bathtub or sink insert: Provide a safe and comfortable place for bathing your newborn.
  • Soft baby washcloths: These gentle cloths are perfect for washing your baby's delicate skin during bath time.
  • Tear-free baby wash and shampoo: Choose a mild and tear-free product specifically designed for babies.
  • Hooded towels: These cosy towels with hoods will keep your baby warm and snug after bath time. I got gifted a Cuddle Dry towel which is really convenient if you're doing bath time on your own.
  • Baby brush or comb: Gently comb your baby's hair to keep it tidy and tangle-free.

 6. On The Go Essentials

  •  Baby carrier or sling: Keep your hands free while keeping your baby close and secure. My personal favourite is the Baby Bjorn Mini.
  • Stroller: Invest in a reliable and comfortable stroller for outings and walks.
  • Portable changing pad: Make nappy changes convenient no matter where you are.
  • Car seat: Ensure your newborn's safety during car rides with a properly installed and appropriate car seat.
  • Portable bottle warmer: Warm up bottles easily when you're on the go.


7. Healthcare Items

  • Baby thermometer: Monitor your baby's temperature accurately in case of illness.
  • Nasal aspirator: Help clear your baby's stuffy nose for easier breathing. The Braun aspirator has been a game-changer for us!
  • Infant Calpol or ibuprofen: Always have these baby-safe pain relievers on hand in case of fever or discomfort. (Age appropriate).
  • Nail clippers or electric nail file: Keep your baby's nails trimmed to prevent scratching. The best file I found was this electric nail file.
  • Baby-safe sunscreen: If you plan to be outdoors, protect your baby's sensitive skin from the sun. (Age appropriate).


8. Mum Essentials and Care

  • Nursing bras: Invest in comfortable and supportive nursing bras for breastfeeding convenience.
  • Nursing pads: Absorbent pads can help prevent leaks and keep you comfortable between feedings.
  • Postpartum recovery products: Consider having postpartum essentials like pads, peri bottles, or cooling gel pads.
  • Comfortable clothing: Opt for loose-fitting and comfortable clothes that are easy to nurse in.
  • Breastfeeding pillow: A nursing pillow can provide comfort and support while breastfeeding.


9. Play and Learning Gear

  • Baby-Safe Mirror: Encourage exploration and self-awareness.
  • Baby Gym/Play Mat: Provides a safe space for tummy time and play.
  • Black and White Flashcards: Stimulate your newborn's visual development.
  • Teething Toys: Soothe your baby's sore gums during teething. A household favourite is Sophie the Giraffe.
  • Baby Bouncer/Swing: Keep your baby entertained and secure.

To help you along the way, my planners have title-free monthly checklists, this space gives you 8 boxes to write out your to-do lists, every month. Perfect for writing your baby essentials list out and ticking off once you’ve made your purchase!

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Remember, every baby (and parent) is unique. Your best guide will always be your instincts. Becoming a new mum will be an exciting, beautiful, and sometimes overwhelming journey. Keep this guide handy as you navigate early motherhood and the joyful world of baby shopping.

Welcoming your little one into the world is beautiful, and arming yourself with these essentials will undoubtedly make the journey less stressful and more enjoyable.

Happy shopping, new mummies!