Brand Story

Priya’s Story

For over 15 years in the beauty and fashion industry, organising had been the superpower that Priya wielded and was known for, at work and even at home. She had traveled all over the world managing high-end fashion events and executing complex projects.

However, a lot of this came to an end when her son was born, because of the demands that came with adjusting to this new way of life and navigating motherhood. With the beauty of motherhood came the struggles and overwhelming sense of burnout.

For Priya who had spent most of her adult life organising and bringing order to things, her mental health became a focal point of concern. Priya over time, felt having things written down would give her more headspace in hopes it would lead to a more balanced and organised life. So, she embarked on a journey of organising via the tool of a motherhood-focused planner.


The Birth of Make Life Easy Planner

In search of more than a journal, Priya found it a struggle to find a planner that took into account all aspects of family life without compromising on personal needs. Instead of letting it go, she decided to do something about it. She set about creating a planner just for mothers, birthing our flagship ‘Simply Planned’ planner.

Designed to help mothers plan their personal and family life, Simply Planned is a lifestyle planner created to be the ultimate luxury planner, a masterpiece of stylish organising. It removes all the mental load and helps plan out your life efficiently; having everything you need to plan out your day, week, and month in one place - helping you connect all the dots of your life and schedule in a streamlined manner.

There has been no looking back since we launched ‘Simply Planned’ planner. From planners, affirmation cards to accessories, we have it all.


Empowering Mums to Create Simplicity and Balance in a Busy World

Inspired by the nurturing care of a mother, we design our line of stationery with love and attention, fostering the happiness of both the mother and her child. We create stationery that reflect mindfulness and infuse systematised living, whilst being beautiful and useful for all. We birth our messages from personally engraved quotes and words.

The journey of motherhood is magical and beautiful. Sometimes life gets messy and the pressure to have/do it all can cause us to lose ourselves, forgetting what matters most, and neglecting self-care. Priya is therefore keen on building a like-minded community of women who are driven, passionate about making their lives as amazing as they deserve, and are supportive of diverse life choices.

So, get ready to truly nurture your spirit. Check our store and join our community.