Brand Story

Embrace Simplicity and Balance: The Story of Make Life Easy Planner


The Power of Organisation

Priya's superpower had always been her unparalleled ability to organise and bring order to everything she touched. For over 15 years, she honed these skills in the beauty and fashion industry, managing high-end events and executing complex projects around the world. However, after the arrival of her son 7 years ago the demands of motherhood left her feeling overwhelmed and burnt out. She realised that she needed a way to regain control over her life and nurture her own mental well-being, and now recently giving birth to a beautiful girl, the need to find calm in the chaos was very much needed. 


 A Journey into Simplicity

Priya's quest for balance led her to the realisation that having things written down would provide her with more headspace and a more organised, balanced life. Frustrated by the lack of planners who comprehensively addressed the needs of mothers without compromising personal growth, she decided to take matters into her own hands. Thus, the idea for the Make Life Easy Planner was born.


Enter Simply Planned 

Determined to create a planner that catered to the unique demands of motherhood while remaining a personal sanctuary, Priya dedicated herself to crafting the flagship product, the 'Simply Planned' planner. This luxurious lifestyle planner removes the mental load and untangles the complexities of managing personal and family life. With everything one needs to plan the day, week, and month in one place, Simply Planned offers a streamlined way to connect all aspects of life.


 Building a Community of Support

Since the launch of Simply Planned, the response has been overwhelming. Priya realised that she had struck a chord with mothers all around the world who craved simplicity and balance amidst the chaos of modern life. Inspired by the nurturing care of a mother, Make Life Easy Planner now offers a range of stationery that reflects mindfulness and systematised living. From planners to affirmation cards and accessories, everything is designed with love and attention to foster happiness for both mother and child.


 Embracing the Journey

Motherhood is a magical yet challenging adventure filled with messy moments and the constant pressure to "have it all". Make Life Easy Planner understands the struggle and seeks to empower mothers by reminding them of what truly matters. By building a like-minded community, Make Life Easy Planner encourages women to embrace their own unique journeys, support diverse life choices, and prioritise their own well-being.


Nurture Your Spirit, Create Simplicity

Are you ready to embark on your own journey of simplicity and balance? Join our community of like-minded women who are driven, passionate, and dedicated to making their lives as amazing as they deserve to be. Visit our store to discover our range of products that will empower you to nurture your spirit and find joy in the everyday. Let Make Life Easy Planner be your companion on this transformative path towards a more organised and fulfilled life.


Together, let us embrace the beauty of simplicity and create a world where mothers thrive.